Three Key Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

Internet Marketing Tips

Most businesses today use the internet with their marketing efforts. But with the rapid changes in internet marketing, you too must go with the flow if you are to fully enjoy its benefits. The trend in internet marketing is very unpredictable, so you need to be updated to keep abreast with the stiff competition.

In the earlier article I have pointed Top Five SEO Trends for 2014. Here are three more internet marketing trends that we fully expect to see take over the industry in 2014.

Responsive Website Design

For your online business to keep up with these internet and online marketing trends, make sure that your website has a responsive design so it does not matter if people view your website from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer monitor, it will always provide a suitable viewing experience. This means that no matter how your customers find you, they can still easily browse and buy from your website.

The Use of Images

Another of the online marketing trends for 2014 is the use of images. Your content will stand out more with well-placed pictures in blog posts and social media updates. Social media sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed which are image based will become more relevant. The popularity of infographics will continue to rise, where images and text are mixed together to explain subject matter and provide research data.

Content Marketing Continues to Rule

Content marketing will continue to be the ruler of the roost in 2014 despite the many changes taking place in online marketing. That’s because the majority of other digital marketing strategy depend on content as the foundation – you still require quality content to drive all those efforts whether you are talking about paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing or something else.

So make refining your content a priority for 2014.Content marketing is about building trust, establishing authority. Use as many channels as possible to do this all through content. So in a nutshell, content is still king, but the thrones you make it sit on are going to be even bigger, more complex and ultimately the thing that you’ll be bowing down to