Tips to Build a New Website with Maximum SEO Benefits

SEO Benefits

You can optimize an existing website for search engine anytime, but the best approach for building a well optimized website would be to plan it form the time you start developing the website.

The document structure, design architecture or landing pages all need to be planned during the development phase of the website which helps in building a SEO friendly website.

Well, start it from the scratch or revamp an old website the important thing is to make your site to something that the search engines actually love.

And for this all you need to know is the basics of a search engine friendly website.

It is not that difficult…

Here in the article you will read about the tips to build a website that search engines love and rank higher. Let’s start….

URL Structure:

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a human-readable format of the IPs that computers use to communicate with the host server.

It is the url that describes a site or a page to the visitors and search engines. The URLs are one of the biggest SEO optimization factor for any website. So it needs to be handled with care.

Keeping them relevant to your keywords/subject and compelling is the key factor to rank well.

The urls need to be short, descriptive, static and it should use dash (-) in place of underscores ( _ ) when you have multiple words in your url. So that both visitors and search engine will know what exactly you page is about. Using dynamic parameter it the url should be avoided.

  • An example of a good URL could be:
  • An example of a poor URL would be:

You can read more here, what Google says about url structure for websites.

Easy to Use Navigation

Visitors always love sites those provide them simple and easy to follow options. Same is the case for the search engines. Ideally websites having simple and clean navigation structure ranks better than its competitors.

For most of the business websites, you can find a top menu structure as a main navigation option for all the important pages. For blogs the sidebar links work perfect to list the categories and recently published posts.

So, one should keep it in mind that your navigation structure in the website need to be simple and easy for visitor to navigate to find the important pages there.

Mobile Device Responsive

SEO is no more limited to search in desktop devices only. There is a rapid increase of web searches via mobile devices these days.

So while you start your new websites, all you need to build websites that are having multi-platform usability options to ensure the visitors can properly access your site regardless of which device they’re on i.e your website needs to be responsive to any device – smartphone, computer or tablet.

You can check your website mobile-friendly test here.

Load Time Optimization

Website page speed plays a very vital role in both search engine optimization and usability. Google and all other search engines consider page load time as one of the key ranking factors in organic SERP. With numerous competitors online, the struggle to earn site traffic and impress your visitors with a quick loading website is the most crucial thing these days. Lightning-fast page load speed amplifies visitor engagement, retention, and boosts sales.

So if your new website does not load quickly, there is a high chance of bounce rate and lose your visitors to your competitors.

Setting Up Social Media Profiles

Integration of the social media profiles to your new website has huge benefits. By using the social media, you can gain a large attention from the visitors and by that way, you can raise your brand awareness and believability.

These days all search engines use social media mentions as one of the ranking factors in SEO.

Social media sharing gives boost  to your content around the web, makes it reach in front of more people, gaining more mentions and more links, and thereby increasing your search engine rankings as well as your brand awareness, credibility, authority, and reach.

Relevant Images

While designing your website, make sure that your images are worthy and relevant to your website. Reshape the images to the size you want them to be displayed. Reshaping or resizing is important because if the page faces speed problem due to the image then visitors will not visit the website very much.

Your alt image text is also very important, so remember to properly implement the alt tags, which could be your keywords or any key phrase that is important for your business segment.

Make sure you have the alt tags present for your logo image, header image and all buttons and other images you used in your site design for your new website.

Research Your Keyword Very Well form the Start

Researching on the keyword is very necessary for the SEO benefits, especially when you have a new website to set up. Using the Google Keyword Planner will give you immense benefit. You can make some basic keyword research by using the Google Keyword Planner.

By using the above simple and fundamental a website can be designed as SEO- friendly. There are also many more SEO elements that can be integrated into a new site design– which ones would you add to this list, say in comments.