Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate for your Ads!

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It can be challenging to improve the Google Ads Click Through Rate(CTR)! It may be sounding easy with the conventional tips that you followed some years back, but now, the complete scenario has changed. Just write some keywords. Write your adverts and enter your card details and watch the inquiries and sales that start flowing in. Is this what you are watching and turning up for?

Well, not exactly, as it shares a larger picture than what it is with current Google’s recent changes and improvisations with the drastic rise in mobile traffic!

Now, throwing money and watching what is going to stick won’t work.

Why structure your Google Ads account?

Google Ads account

So, what can happen if you are not willing to structure Google Ads account? What will happen if you cannot manage it well enough or if you don’t manage the click-through rate through your adverts? You are basically giving your competition an easy win!

Contextually, it will be the sole reason for increasing their ad’s CTR. You won’t be getting the required traffic, sales, or inquiries that you may be expecting, and undoubtedly, it will dramatically affect your business plans and goals while helping theirs. So, how can you improve Google ads’ CTR or click-through rates?

Here, you will be able to understand the reason behind each of the ways discussed to help you improve the click-through rate for your ads. So, without much wait, boost your Google Ads traffic with the 7 top tips now!

Tips to Win to improve CTR for ads!

CTR for ads

#1 Improve your quality score

Do you know Quality Score is now a metric that is effectively tracked in Google ads? It gives each keyword that shows up in your account a score. The score will vary from 0 to 10. Indeed, the quality score is a measure of your advertising’s quality and relevance on the internet. So, you are wondering, what is the likelihood of Google predicting someone will click on your ad, right?

The likelihood and the assessment of the user experience will be tracked if they are clicking on your site. It is simple! If you do not know about the quality score, this is certainly an essential place for you to learn and start. Ads which have higher quality score achieve higher rankings, and so, as an advertiser, it would cost you less!


It is because they have a more prominent position on the search page. Thus, undoubtedly, they will have more chances for a higher click-through rate for your ads. You can anytime check Google’s guide to quality score! You will understand that there are many factors that directly influence the quality score to determine CTR. Right from the relevance of the different PPC landing pages to the ad copy you have with the ad URL, everything is taken into consideration.

For instance, here, you can see the concept of Artificial Grass to be appearing in the essential locations in the below ad that ensures it gets a high-quality score!

#2 Usage of the best ad extensions can do wonders!

If we talk about the current scenario, there are ten types of ad extensions for usage. In the most general case, you will not be identifiable with all of them as they are not applicable to every campaign. But, if you are not taking advantage of all the different ad extensions, certainly you are missing out!

Contextually, the full range of extensions is responsible for increasing the size of your ads. And thus, it makes them appear more relevant. In turn, it helps you improve the click-through rate for ads. Yes, there are different other benefits as well, and interestingly, the Google ad extensions can improve your AdWords campaigns to a great extent!

To help you effectively, here is a list of some of the most commonly used ad extensions.

Site link ad extensions

A site link is that extra line of text that gets displayed when your ads appear on the top three positions. Yes, they look similar to organic search when you search for the different company names. So, the benefit of adding site link descriptions to your campaign allows you to add two extra lines of text under each site link heading. It helps improve the click-through rates for your ads. This feature helps you feature your adverts to stand out from the crowd and push down other adverts in the paid search results!

Call extensions

It is similar to site links which allows you to add call extensions to your ads. It makes your ad more reachable for the people as they can contact you directly.

This extension is ideal for those businesses where customer calls are to be included in the sales process of the company. One of the most significant advantages of call extension is that people can effectively click to call using their mobile phone or even by using different software such as Skype on the desktop!

Indeed, if you are willing to set up a Google phone number while you create your call extension, you can also record calls as conversions in AdWords. The criteria to do this would be to record those that last longer than the specified call duration. Call extensions also help make your adverts stand out, and thus it encourages those fingers to click!

#3 Utilize smart bidding strategies for your business!

Yes, now it is the world of automation that caters to your demands, right? With this, Google Ads have really been into the game with just another upper level with smart bidding strategies.

The beauty that holds the game together is that Google will now automate when your ads appear. It will be done with a view to only entering your ad in different auctions where you are more likely to get a click.

By entering, targeted auctions which are precisely thought-of, you will get a much higher click-through rate!

#4 Test different ad types

You are not forced to just expanded ad types anymore! Responsive Text Ads have been actively shown to increase click-through rates. Indeed, they come with an added advantage. That is, you can able to use more than just a minimum of three headline fields and also two description fields in expanded search fields.

This drastically increases your chances of showing a more relevant ad for a relevant search. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the previews as you can create these. You can find the ad-straight box above the previews will be suggesting to you how you can improve your ad. It will get updates every time.

With the rise in the number of mobile searches, Google ads have also released new Google discovery ads for mobile-specific browsing.

#5 Write compelling ad copy.

It would help if you always were writing original and compelling ad copy out from your competitors’ adverts. Check out that if your ad copy is interchangeable with your competition, your CTR will suffer to a great extent.

You can do this easily by highlighting more on your unique selling points like it will define why people should click our ad and not that of your competitors. What is that which you are offering and not the others? You have to keep these USPs in mind while you are writing your adverts!

#6 Creating tightly-themed keyword groups can be an excellent idea!

All the options in the Google Ads interface are specifically designed to encourage you to build and add multiple keywords into your Ad groups and your account. So, can you guess the problem with this?

Indeed, in this manner, the major problem arises when you have many keywords in one single Ad group. It adversely impacts the relationship between different keywords and advert texts in each Ad group.

When people search for a keyword in some Ad group that has more than 20 keywords, you may not get the appropriate advert to appear for the users. The end result would be the click-through rates, and also, the quality scores of your adverts and keywords will be adversely affected.

One of the most effective solutions is to tightly group keywords and themes into smaller groups and make sure that the advert copy effectively contains the keywords at least twice if that is possible!

#7 Split test advert copy

Do you know the Google Ads can also give you the tools you need to run experiments in your campaigns? One such experiment is the popular split test, where you can actually create different variations of your ad copy.

When you are talking about split testing the different adverts, you should be trying to do with 2 or 3 ads in each of the ad groups. Contextually, by creating different variations on your adverts, you will be able to test which ads get the highest proportion of clicks.

One of the best approaches is to switch off the worst-performing ads. It is when you create new ones, so you do not end up with too many ads in the ad group. Too many ads will lead to too much poor ad relevance and CTR!

The bottom line

So, are you thinking about which Google Ads CTR improvement techniques work for you? Indeed, learning something new and applying the same to improve click-through rates can be worth your time and patience.

From using the seasonal headline in your ads to getting rid of the different abbreviations used, click-through rates can be increased in multiple ways. So, what are you waiting for? Get these above-started tips to work for you now!