Top Five Online Reputation Management Tips for Businesses

Reputation Management Tips for Businesses

Reputation is vital for every business. A business without a good reputation is like a job applicant without required skill. Just like employers will not give two hoots about his candidacy, customers won’t think twice about the business.

It’s a nightmare for a business to lose its repute. That’s the reason customer care executives behave so gently with customers; they don’t want to piss the customers off because a pissed customer can spread venom against the company on social media and it could go viral resulting the repute of the company getting seriously damaged.

Managing online reputation has become an essential part of marketing. Some powerful techniques that could be applied for managing reputation are;

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Buying Domain Names

Internet is a public domain. You can have as many websites as you want. Online reputation management could take advantage of that. You can buy plenty of domains with your company name or your product name. For example if you have a automobile company that goes by the name of ‘Radiant Motors’, you can buy domain names like,,,, etc. Customers will find your company’s presence everywhere in the online domain. You could use those domains to reach out to customers and boast about your company.

Optimizing Your Brand’s Presence

Your brand is not the only one out there. There are plenty of other brands and they are spending tons of money on marketing. Quantifying your branding therefore won’t take you long. You need to increase the online reputation of your brand and for that you need to optimize its presence. Optimization means embellishment of your branding. Add some catchy lines to your company’s Facebook page. Give link to your brand’s achievements into your LinkedIn profile. This will help audiences to know more about your company your reputation will be solidified.

Google Search Result Crosscheck

You need to audit your Google search results once a week. That way you could make sure there’s no negative content on the top search results of Google. It’s pretty simple actually. Just type your company name or product name into Google’s search box and then go through the content of the first twenty results.

What would do if you come across negative remarks on your company/product? The first thing you need to do is contact the administrator of the site. If it’s a blog, contact the blogger. Ask him what you could do so he suppresses the negative comments. If it’s a review, try to change it to a positive one. If it’s a review aggregator site where customers have written negative reviews on your company, it’s a bit more troublesome. In that case, you’d have to apologize to individual customers and promise them to deliver good service in future.

Publicity Campaign

Gone are the days when beating your own drum was not recommended. These days, you need to publicize your brand to stay ahead in the competition. Publicity campaigns are a best way to make that happen. In fact, through such campaigns you can kill two birds by one stone. You can guarantee social outreach both online and offline and portray your company in positive shades.

If you don’t have enough number of in-house staffs, hire an event planning service. They have experienced people who can present your company in a positive light. This will not only help build your reputation but might also fetch you new sales.

Crisis Management Team

A crisis management team is necessary if you want to manage online reputation of your company. This is perhaps the most important of all because when managing your brand reputation is like damage repair and any black spot on your branding is a crisis situation for you.

The team must be highly savvy with web tools and social media. They need to conduct relentless search online using sophisticated tools to find derogatory comment/content against your product/service. It could be a product recall or frustrated customer spewing negativity, the crisis team should be able to handle it adeptly and with a professional approach.

Tools For Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Google Alerts: It’s very simple. You need to visit Google alerts and fill your brand name as the search query to find the links where you have your brand name mentioned.

Tweet Alarm: Tweet Alarm is the best online reputation management tool to create an automatic monitoring system.

Pin Alerts: Setup a quick and easy alert with Pin Alerts to notification via email in a matter of minutes as soon as a new pin comes up. 

Social Mention: Social Mention is the best toll to analyse data from various sources to understand what’s their sentiment and their origin.

If This Then That: You probably never heard about If This Then That, yup a new automation tool that allows you to “put the internet to work for you”.

Image Raider: Best toll for an automated reverse image search and discover websites talking about you, that is possible With Image Raider .

UberSuggest: is a tool that shows you many different variations of your Autocomplete values.

Topsy: Another fabulous tool, with Topsy you can scan the whole web looking for mentions of your interest. has absolutely free to check if your name has been taken on more than 550 different types of social sites.

Lastly, reputation building is a never-ending process. As long as your brand exists, you need to manage your reputation. So never feel that you have taken sufficient measures to manage your reputation online, and there’s nothing more that you need to do. Instead, make online reputation management a key part of your branding strategy so reputation building and management never bother you.