Top Indian Female Tech Bloggers

Female Tech Bloggers

Today’s post is dedicated to the great female bloggers form India, from last couple of years who turned their blogs into a place for entertaining, information, and learning material. There are many talented female bloggers in India, but I’ve handpicked these 5 because they are the most discussed ones in the Indian blogosphere and somehow helped me to solve certain issues. I really liked the way they write and choose the topics.

It is always pleasing to see an Indian women succeed in the world of blogging where blogging really has become a big business for both genders in a highly competitive environment to earn money and create a personal brand.

Take a look at these great Indian women tech Bloggers.

Blogger – Harleena Singh
Blog –

Her blog has a pretty fascinating name. The word “Aha-now” probably lacks cognitive meaning, but it does bring some kind of lucky charm for her as the blog is now one of the most visited among all Indian blogs.

Harleena writes mostly on niche areas like online tricks for money making, SEO and social media but doesn’t stay restricted to them.

She also writes about family, relationships, parenting and self-improvement.

Blogger – Jane Sheeba
Blog –

Jane knows how to market her website; the site’s layout is pretty amazing with easy navigation and informative content. She delivers tips on how to become successful in blogging.

If you are a greenhorn in blogging and looking for tips and tricks to be a successful blogger, subscribe to her blog. You’ll get free access to her library too; you just need to sign up with an email.

Blogger – Jyoti Chauhan
Blog –

She is a young and aspiring blogger and holds onto her readers by an attractive style of writing. She regularly updates on web, SEO, social media and many wide areas in digital marketing. A loyal reader base and a solid presence across social platforms are two of her blog’s strong areas.

She writes on a range of topics; she may write on new online tools to create cartoons one day and the very next day, how to increase the speed of a slow internet connection.

Blogger – Dr. Kavita Shaikh

The first impression about her that is bound to strike your mind once you catch a glimpse of her site is, she’s neat. Dr. Shaikh has a fantastic and perfectly optimized website with immaculate design and uncluttered way of separating one tab from the other. The menubar features eight different topics, each of which is relevant and updated.

Home-based business, money-making, blogging, affiliate marketing, reviews and marketing strategies are some of the areas she blogs on. Though there are plenty of ads on her site, they are totally unobtrusive to a gratifying user-experience. That’s what makes her an efficient blogger; she knows how to give users what they want without compromising with money making opportunities for her site.

Blogger – Shraddha Sharma

Her portfolio is quite attractive. She has worked with two biggest of brands; Times of India and CNBC. Still if you don’t want to take what she has inside her portfolio bag as face value, she has a website with pretty amazing design and engaging content and mentioned three words right on top; the words are, ‘Inspire’, ‘Innovate’, ‘Ignite’. She is quite persevering in achieving them.