4 Unbeatable Ways to Craft an Effective (Write Successful Google Text Ads) Google Ad Copy

Write Successful Google Text Ads

A poorly crafted PPC ad cannot compel the reader to click.  It certainly begs a question as to how can a marketer create an effective advertisement and make it click-worthy.

Even if every aspect of your campaign is just perfect, a poor ad can sink the ship and ruin the whole idea losing your investment.

Have you ever wondered how some PPC marketers just get it right with their ad copy?

It may seem like a “Holy Grail” however do not worry as you too could achieve the same feat with the ideal set of tricks.

There are innumerable blog posts to guide about PPC AD but until you dig deeper to suit your understanding, you may never be able to know as to how to write PPC ad copy.

Pey-per-click campaigns are indeed an extremely impactful way to advertise your business online and the best part is this allows you to tailor your budget to your sales goals which is unheard of in traditional marketing methods. In short, it’s totally worth attempting for the progress of your business. It clearly keeps a track record of conversions and traffic. Moreover, this is a smartest way to increase visibility as well.

Undoubtedly your Google ad copy is the most visible part of your campaign. A good ad copy is the backbone of a powerful campaign. Thus, the focus should rather always be on “How to write a Google ad for better CTR” as a top-most priority.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to get rid of the uncertainty factor and help you write winning ads that could seamlessly bring in the customers. So, let’s take a look at the framework that can earn result for ad copy.

#1 Understand your customers 

Invest time to read your customer’s head while you are brainstorming over how to write a good PPC ad. Think hard who exactly you are trying to reach out and most importantly figure out what their grave needs and concerns are? In short, try your best to understand your customers.

It is important to have a clear mindset regarding your audience so as to fulfil their needs and demands in the right manner. You will have peers and competitors in the market, each one trying to beat the other thus the key is to get closer to the vision of the audience and that can only happen if you start thinking like an audience yourself.

Suppose you are a vacation rental company, the basic that you would know is; your targeted audience are the vacationers. But the real deal is to delve into the specifics.

Now, when we are talking about vacation rentals, it is all about getting into the bigger picture.

Firstly, vacationers are of different kinds. The second most important thing is they all do not have similar needs or objectives. Finally the budget varies at large.

You can’t serve a honeymoon couple and family holidayers the same set of things and there lies the difference which you need to grasp.

Following are the 3 significant steps to understand your customers:

  • Talk to your client/Teams.
  • Check against the database.
  • Talk to customers.
  • Gauge your competitors’ strategy. 

Incorporate some of the universal methods to win over your customers while you are brainstorming over “How to write good ad copy”.

  • Fast Paced Service.
  • Assure High Quality.
  • Budget-friendly service.
  • A credible service.
  • A personalized service.

Irrespective of what you deal with; these are the aspects which are expected by the audience of all business realms. So, make sure to show your customers how well you meet their needs through your Google ad copy. 

#2 Match your Ad’s headline to the keyword

Great ad copy starts with a great headline. So, while you mull over “How to write ad copy”, do not forget to take your thoughts towards the headlines.

When it comes to the best PPC ad headlines, they should be specific, address problems and connect with the audience on an emotional level.

The whole objective should be to write a super-effective and a super-clickable ad headline for your PPC campaign.

A good headline is exactly like those flashy displays you spot in store windows. They are there to allure you and create that excitement to own it and eventually they manage to draw you inside the store to buy it.

So, now you know how tempting your headline should actually be; thus while you wonder “How to write a good Google ad”, do not forget to be thoughtful about the headline. The ultimate idea is to ensure conversion thus be very careful about convincing your audience through the headline. If the headline speaks what the audience want, then you are sure to get the clicks.  The right way is to include keywords in the headline.

Avoid giving an ambiguous impression and show clarity so that the audience who search for your business instantly get the result in your ad copy.

It is good to be relevant in your approach therefore the closer you can get to the potential customers’ Google search, the more likely they are to click on the ad.

#3 Emphasise on your USP

When you think of the ways as to how to write a Google ad, you must try to integrate the elements that make you stand out from the crowd. Numbers and special characters often capture attention so, it would enhance your credibility factor to several manifold. 

Mention your claim to fame and point out all your strength comprehensively. Share about your most attractive offers. For you, naturally all your offers will be good, but the real verdict will come from the audience. So, include few of your offers in the ad copy and see which one gets the maximum attention. Try giving your audience the reason as to why should they opt for your business over others.

#4 Add a quality display URL

One of the proven ways to enhance the value of your Google ad is to include a unique display URL. The display URL is often an ignored element of ad copy. Its common usage is to signal the searcher as to where exactly the ad click leads.  Basically when it comes to display URL, it is a quality score factor which has different editorial requirements as compared to the rest of the ad.

A good display URL can indeed increase your click through rate, and boost up the conversion rate. It essentially improves the quality score which eventually causes the ad to rank high in the search results and diminish your investment to a large degree.


You need to form a relationship with your customer through the PPC Google ad. You must note the key factors to add in your ad. Rest assured these strategies will certainly help lure your customers.