Video Marketing Is Great – Video Marketing Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

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Video Marketing Tips to Boost Website Traffic & Conversion

Entrepreneurs and startup companies do everything in their power to get a consistent flow of visitors and customers in their website, but not most succeed. Some end up spending a lot of money on advertisements thinking that it will help them gain consistent traffic. Surprisingly, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get traffic.

Video marketing is on the best ways to gain traffic to your site. The incredible part about it is that you do not need to spend a lot on it. It is estimated that in a couple of years 74% of web traffic will be attributed to videos. Companies that use videos to gain traffic are on the blink of great success.

Here are some tip on how video marketing can boost website traffic and conversion

#1 Create free webinar

Posting free webinars will present you with a great opportunity to drive traffic on your website. You can pitch your sale presentation with webinar platforms like Demio, GOTowebinar among others. Come up with a good webinar that will show the value of what you are presenting. By doing this you will direct viewers to your site

#2 Improve Website loading time for proper Search Engine Optimization

A study carried found out that 57% of online shoppers would wait for about 3 seconds before they leave the website. Meanwhile, 65% of people between the age of 18 years to 24 years would only wait for 2 seconds or less.

Besides that search engines favor website that load faster and that have proper SEO. You can use Content Delivery Network (CDN) which allows you to serve pages depending on the user’s location.

#3 Develop better-documented video content marketing strategy

Most people fail in this sector. People do not take the time to come up with a good content marketing strategy, and if they have one, they do not take it seriously. Without a functional content marketing strategy, implementing all the SEO hacks will not add any value to your boosting your website traffic.

Research done by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs shows that failure of documenting your content marketing strategy can reduce your chances of success. Creating a solid content marketing strategy is not enough, you need to document it. A good marketing strategy has the following elements:

  • The goals of your content
  • Defined audience: Who do you want to watch your video?
  • How is your content different from your competitors?
  • How do you plan to add value?
  • Content amplification
  • The number of videos you are willing to create.

#4 Compose a more compelling Headline

If you want your videos to be watched and to be ranked in search engine write a compelling headline. Your Headline can optimize two things: search traffic and social traffic. To do so, your headline must have the right length, keyword and should be appealing enough for visitors to click on them.

Use Google Keyword Planner to look for a suitable keyword that you can use. Plug in possible search items which relate to your blog post idea to get better clues. Pay attention to the average searches a keyword gets per month as well as its competition. Focus less on the competitive keywords and more on viable keywords.

Here are a few guidelines on how to come up with better headlines:

  • Generate curiosity
  • Pose a question
  • Employ list posts
  • Generate a sense of urgency
  • Aim to trigger the emotion of viewers
  • Apply power words
  • Make the value as clear as possible.

#5 Build up a Push-Notification list

Many people are aware of email listing but fewer people know about push notification list. Push notification list can be powerfully effective. Depending on your message, it can result in a click-through rate of 6%. When compared to email listing, push notification generates more clicks.

Picture this, if your push message is delivered to about 20,000 people and can generate up to 10% that is 2000 people. Imagine getting that number of people to watch your videos every time you go live.

Here are steps you can follow to build up your push notification

  • Form an account with a push-notification service provider like SendPulse
  • Present giveaways to people in exchange of them letting you send them push-notification messages.
  • After setting up your push-list, integrate the code given to you by the service provider to your website. When integrated correctly, visitors in your site will be able to see a small pop up asking them if they will allow you to send them push-notification messages.
  • When they click “Allow” they will be automatically added to your list.
  • From your list, you can send notification messages with a link to any sites that you want.

#6 Use videos to guide twitter chats and Google hangouts

There may be a lot of buzz going around about your company, but how do you ensure that it sticks around. Most of the time twitter chats can quickly spin over, with everyone coming up with their own topic, making the chats to lack focus.

By using videos, the conversation on twitter chats is guided in an orderly manner. Use Google hangout to create videos while interviewing other people, or you discussing certain topics. Twitter will then become a live message platform for people to engage with what you are discussing about and people will be able to start a conversation about it.

Compared to webinar this method is easier to set up and the software used is less expensive. Another advantage is that the whole video session is captured on Twitter. Plus it utilizes the energy and unpredictability of twitter chat that makes it fun. It is an effective way to educate people and to build trust with them.

Tips on how to succeed:

  • Send reminders to your fan before the chat
  • Readout comments and questions from the chat when live. It makes people feel more appreciated
  • Use calendar invites from Google Hangout and save your videos on your YouTube Channel

#7 Video Messaging

For you to gain traffic and conversion in your website, you need to have a personal effect on your audience. This can be achieved through video messaging, where you have a one on one conversation with your client.

Someone can love your content but will not buy your product at the end. The bridge gap between initial interest and final close can be filled through video messaging. Use video messaging apps like Movy or Vsnap. When you get a potential buyer, record a quick video message speaking to that specific person.

This gives you the chance of introducing yourself to the buyer and building trust even before he or she decides to engage with sales. The person will get to experience a personal effect through this especially when you mention their name.

#8 Video Calling

By video calling your audience or buyer, it presents you with the opportunity of having a more meaningful conversation. You can explain to them more about your product, challenges, and expectations or negotiate on price.

Tip for Successful Video Calling:Dress appropriately- it is important for you to look professional, treat the video call like you a meeting in person.

Make eye contact with the camera- it will make the conversation look more natural

Ensure that there is no background noise that may interfere with your video call.

#9 Design Great Thumbnails

The thumbnail needs to reflect what you video entails. Use a photo that will grab people’s attention. Eye-catching thumbnails will make your video to appear more appealing to viewers even before they start watching. The best part about thumbnail is that you do not have to spend any money to create it. You can simply screenshot a clip of the video subject and use it as a thumbnail.

#10 Utilize Social Media

For you to gain traffic, engagement, and shares on your website you need to share your content in the right way. First and foremost, you need to recognize that social media post appear differently on different platforms. Optimize your posts so that each can be shareable and eye-catching. For instance, Instagram post generally consists of High-quality photos and videos

Secondly, create a sharing schedule to guide you on when to post. This will make you become more organized so that you do not end up over-sharing or under sharing. Ensure that the schedule is based on peak hours of the social media platforms that you are using.

Thirdly, make it easier for your audience to highlight and share your content. This can be done by you adding a sharing button to your website.

Parting Shot

An interesting video marketing statistic is 59% of senior executive agree that if text and video are available on the same topic and on same page, they prefer to watch the video. So, create content videos that your audience will understand. Ensure that the videos are clear and that you present the value of your product in your video. Consistency is key; make sure you follow your goals by making videos on regular bases. Connect with your clients at a personal level to make them feel appreciated. This will turn potential buyer to loyal customers. It is easy to make videos; all you need to do is to post them in the relevant platforms.

Even with SEO, PPC and social media, video advertising is still one of the most effective marketing tools in the industry. If you don’t use video marketing, you are missing a trick – it is that simple. A few basic videos can boost traffic to your site and increase sales all in a matter of minutes. And, the right video marketing strategy will ensure that you keep the dollars rolling in for the foreseeable future.

All that is great, but it leaves one question unanswered – why does it work? It may work wonders, but it is irresponsible not to know what makes it so effective.


The first thing to note is that video marketing is cheap. Thanks to social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, there is no need to spend a fortune releasing the video to the world. Plus, making a video doesn’t cost a lot of money either. All you need is a camera, an actor and a good idea and you are ready. As the cost is so low, it is well worth the effort because you don’t have much to lose. Not too many companies are worried about losing a couple of dollars if the video doesn’t go viral.

Social Media

The last paragraph touched on social media, which is the main reason that video marketing is so effective. To begin with, a video is perfect for social media because the format doesn’t need changing. Your business just needs to upload the video and then post it on whatever platform you choose. Secondly, social media has a huge audience that can propel the video across the globe. Whereas a billboard only reaches a local audience, a video can reach people in India. YouTube alone has 3 billion views a day. Which leads nicely to the next point – it can go viral. If the video is good and creates a buzz, everyone will know about it. What other marketing technique is as cheap and effective as video?

Keeps Them Engaged

According to the good folks at Good Eye Deer, video marketing keeps the viewer engaged. There is something about a video that makes you want to keep watching. It is hard to explain, but you have probably witnessed this phenomenon before through you or a friend. Obviously, this has huge benefits because people view your content for longer. The longer they watch, the more chance your message has of resonating. Reams of text are not a good idea as readers instantly switch off. Text can be daunting to read, especially on a computer.

Boosts Trust

Everyone has been there. They come across a website and a company that they like, but they don’t know if they can trust them because they don’t have a reputation. The simple answer is to improve your reputation, yet that isn’t a simple process. The alternative is to gain their trust so that they don’t feel bad about making a conversion. A video does just that because it introduces the company to the customer.

There is a sense of accountability when you know the people in charge.