What Is A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing

Things have changed a lot since I started my career in digital marketing in late 2009.

Based on my 6 years of experience in the digital marketing industry on how to rank websites in Google and other search engines, this article will help a beginner to create, optimize and rank a website easily.

What you will read here is the fundamentals of the search engine optimization. I deliberately have inclined the article for the beginners as I want it simple and to-the-point for those who are in the starting of their career in search engine optimization.


The digital marketing is no longer just about manipulation of the search results. But it’s about adding high quality, highly relevant and often effective content to your website which meets a PURPOSE that delivers better USER SATISFACTION. At the same time high relevant and contextual links are pivotal for a successful SEO CAMPAIGN.

If you are serious about getting better ROI and drive relevant but free traffic from different search engines, get ready to invest enough time and effort into your website and online marketing.

All search engine that includes Google, regularly tweak their algorithm to rank only QUALITY websites  in their search results, so forcing all webmaster to invest the effort in great content and great service that attracts real customers and editorial links from other reputable websites naturally.

The Rule

The rule is very simple, if you’re willing to create a buzz about your company, you have to add a lot of great content to your website along with social promotion and link building. But if you try to manipulate, you may ranking quicker but never last in a long run race. The penalty is sure, and often until you fix the issues – which I know can LAST YEARS or even you may have to start it form the zero again. PANDA & PENGUINE updates are such examples which even forced highly popular websites to change their strategy and make the website more SEO friendly.

BLACK HAT SEO is the easiest way to rank a site, still today. But it is not permanent. If you are a real business who intends to build a brand online – you can’t use blackhat SEO methods at all.


The science of ONLINE MARKETING aka SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, is to understand how the people use the search engines, and how the search engines process the search terms to display the results to the users. So in can be described as the process of putting a lot of tools in your basket together and look for the better opportunity. At the same time the relevancy plays a vital role in search engine optimization. 

Search Engine Optimizer

When we talk about a good search engine optimizer, he needs to be smart enough to understand how search engine comprehend websites and how they process & generate the ORGANIC SERP to actually satisfy the user. Different the search engines have their own guidelines to rank websites and show them in SERP. They do not work same. An optimizer needs to understand the short term and long term risks involved in different types of optimization processed.

There are rules to be followed or ignored, risks to be taken, and battles to be won or lost. The very first goal of any digital marketing campaign is to increase the traffic to the website and get better visibility but not in the cost of penalty and violation of guidelines.

Constant Ever-Flux in Ranking

Search engines, at its center the ranking algorithm is about CONTENT, KEYWORDS and BACKLINKS. Then come RELEVANCE, TRUST and REPUTATION. At the end comes the GOOD USER EXPERIENCE. All these mixed together perform in the algorithm to offer a SERP for the search engine users.

A search engine’s job is to make it hard to manipulate the results they show in SERP. So the algorithm goes under regular updates to improve and close the loop-holes in it, which closes the doors for the spammers to invade search results.


I hope you have found it interesting while walking with me through the basics of SEO. Now it is time for you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

If you need someone to help you with your search engine optimization, feel free to contact me.

Good Luck!!