What You Can Learn From The Most Addictive Websites Out There

Most Addictive Websites Out There

As website owners, we are all trying to encourage certain behaviours in those who visit our site. Whether it’s getting them to complete checkout, sign up to a mailing list or share something on social media, the design of our web infrastructure determines how close we get to these conversion goals. There are websites out there which have mastered this, and created an addictive experience. What are the principles behind this sticky design and what can we learn from them?

Add Some Gamification

Human beings love to play. Something about the simple cycle of challenge and reward, with escalating stakes, proves irresistible to most.That’s why other industries and especially marketing professionals are now using elements of gamification to give their sites the x factor which will keep customers coming back. There are plenty of ways to introduce this tactic to your marketing mix. From things like Cute app who include a spinnable ‘wheel of fortune’ that unlocks additional user rewards and discounts on each visit, to sites like Kaszinohu which signpost to online games, you can borrow these tactics to improve your own user experience.

Use Humour

People respond really well to humourous content. Anything which makes us laugh is instantly engaging and has the share ability factor, so set to work creating some funny articles which also include quick sharing buttons for the main social media networks. Be fresh and engaging and don’t be afraid to use topical events to your advantage. Work on developing a unique tone of voice for your site – people respond well to personality and opinion, as sites like Vice prove. Having a new take on something always stands out.

Make It Personal

Great design online is all about understanding your audience.The needs of one group of people will be different from those of another, so what makes addictive content depends on who you’re targeting. Curate things which appeal to your average visitor and display them prominently on the homepage – a rolling graphic above the fold can help you target multiple groups if your visitor base is diverse.

Make Your Mission Clear

When customers buy into a brand, they turn from casual shoppers into advocates which is hugely important, as they will repeat purchase, have a higher average transaction value and share what you are doing. But how do you convert customers into advocates? The answer is to have them connect with your ‘why’- the motivating factor behind your brand. If you can’t articulate your company mission in a few simple words, it’s not strong enough. Knowing not just what you do, but why you do it, is absolutely crucial in creating an enduring brand which has the ability to connect with and motivate others. Spend sometime mapping it out and you have the opportunity to make your website sticky for people who resonate with what you do.

Keep It Simple

The best websites are often also the simplest in terms of what they are designed to do – think of the phenomenal success of Elf Yourself, set up as a promotion for Office Depot, or Free Rice which sets users simple trivia questions, with each right answer donating ten grains of rice through the World Food Programme. Making it clear what users are there for helps visitor sunderstand where they are and what to do next. Before you know it your conversion rate will be soaring!