Why Bother with an Interactive Video on My Website?

Explainer Videos

Websites need to stand out, and one way to do that is to have moving images and sound as well as still images and text. It is worth the trouble because it will get your business noticed and better promote the products or services that you sell. So, in this article, we will consider why an interactive video will make a difference to the success of your business.

Customer Control

When a customer is looking to buy a product, they always want to feel in control. To give them that control, you can create an interactive video that allows them to click on it to control what they are watching and to obtain further information about a product if they want to. A personalized video will engage a customer more than one that is just meant for everyone.

Information Overload

It can be information overload to give a customer all the information about a product all at once. With an interactive video, the customer will direct the video to run in the way that they want it to. They have a choice as to how much the video will go into detail about a product. In the meantime, a simple video can be more fun to watch. Any further details about a product and the after-service can be found by clicking on links contained within the video. All the information can be there but just presented in a more exciting way.


There is no doubt that pictures have more impact than a block of text. Many people’s brains only work that way. They respond to the images that they see, rather than the text that they read. It means more to them. They can take in the information better. Moving images are more memorable than still images and so will have an even greater impact on the potential customer seeking out a product online. They are more pleasing to the eye and so put them in a better mood for purchasing the product rather than a mass of uninviting text. We cannot all be big readers and love the written word. When someone just wants to find out enough about a product to buy it, they just want it presented to them quickly and be entertained in the process. By promoting your product in an engaging way, you are persuading the customer to buy it. So, your interactive video will be visually pleasing, informative, and fun to watch. These are three important elements to consider when producing it.

Video Marketing


You can cross-device with interactive videos. They have few limitations in that respect. Because interactive videos work well on the majority of modern browers and any device, PC, tablet, or phone, they will be viewed by more people. This is the name of the game. As many people as you can reach with your interactive video will potentially want to buy your product.


As a company, you might become known for your catchy, entertaining, and informative interactive videos that sell your brand and your product. Something that is professionally produced will be indicative of the quality of your product and the after-service that you provide as a business.

There are various examples you can explore when it comes to moving picture promotion.

In summary, you can cunningly hand control over to the customer by making an interactive video. They will feel like you have given the mall the buying power. It is just marketing, though. Everything will be contained within your interactive customer to sell your product but not necessarily in an obvious way. The information will be presented in a way that the potential online buyer will be more receptive to. The interactive video will have maximum impact compared to other methods of online selling and marketing. It will be compatible with the technology out there. As a company, you can only but enhance your reputation by making a quality interactive video that promotes both your company and the product or service that you are trying to sell. This will in turn grow your customer or client base and improve company profitability and growth.